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Class Activities and Time Line

Day1 Face to Face Kick-off meeting:

The whole class meets with the facilitator face-to face to (Est time 3-4 hours):

Form Teams of 3-4 participants

By the conclusion of this initial day each team will have

Chosen a topic for their wiki[1](some ideas).

Chosen a Wiki site (Wikispaces, Pbworks (this site), Wetpaint, Google Docs[2], to name a few)

organized team member responsibilities for future collaboration activity

Choose Team Leader/wordsmith-er

Produce an outline for content production

Divide up tasks[3]

Gather list of enrichment requirements for the wiki and choose a tentative list of the web 2.0 tools that will meet requirements[4].

Be certain all team members have full access privileges.

Be certian that the facilitator has full access privileges.


Days 2-6: Teams collaborate on-line for content production

Produce textual content

• From the team's outline produced on Day 1, perform the appropriate research via credible Internet sites (reference links) producing no less that 2000 words on multiple wiki pages with a table of contents.

Add the enrichment content

• Using the tentative list of the web 2.0 tools discussed by the team on Day 1, choose the appropriate Web 2.0 tools for enrichment of textual content.[5]

• The  "enrichment content" will utilize no less that 3 visual/auditory Web 2.0 tools. These may be embedded in the wiki page or hyperlinked externally to the wiki for proper presentation.

Day 7 : Whole class meets (Est Time 3-4 hours). Each team will:

• Present their product to the class

• Share the good/bad technical and management tasks of the wiki tool they chose.



  1. This could be the hard part. Check the ideas page.
  2. Google docs may not be termed a wiki, but can be utilized as such. You will have word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation "wiki" tools that may meet your needs depending on the type of project you choose.
  3. Task examples:researching, finding the appropriate enrichment Web 2.0 tool(s), first editing, second editing.
  4. Don't struggle with the technicalities of how to insert enrichment content at the kick off meeting. Just determine what kind of enrichment content. For instance, you may wish to insert some video content to further explain a concept. Youtube may or may not work as you originally would think. That's ok. You do know you want video content, you will have to obtain the proper tool to meet your needs.
  5. Look here: http://bfurst-web20.wikispaces.com/Outline#activityIV for a list of "enrichment tools".

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