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Project Ideas

Page history last edited by Bob Furst 11 years ago

This course is designed to have participants a deeper understanding of wiki participation. Picking the right project may be the key for a successful and engaging activity. A week is not a very long time to author detailed content, but hopes are that the team can get a start on something they can continue beyond this coursework. Here are some ideas for projects if you are at a loss.


  1. Curriculum development: Normally, districts are required to review and update the curriculum areas in a 3,4,5 (whatever) year cycle. Ideally, a ready made team from a district can attend the course and get a good start, to continue to completion after the conclusion of the week's course.
  2. Try out a classroom activity: Get a first hand view of how the wiki technology can work in a classroom. One team member will be simulate the teacher role, and the others can simulate the student role. Pick a learning unit (i.e. rainforests, human body) and develop the steps for students to complete the project. The "assigned students" of the team can collaborate among them selves and the teacher to research and complete.
  3. Professional Development: A  ready made team from a district can build a professional development plan for their staff.
  4. Technology planning: With some district's tecnology plans coming due, a ready made team from a district can begin to build a technology plan for ISBE requirements.
  5. School Improvement Plans (SIP): A  ready made team from a school can begin to build their SIP.
  6. Some activities used to teach a novel in a 5th grade classroom.
  7. A classroom teacher Vicki Davis utilizes wikispaces to keep her students on task http://westwood.wikispaces.com/.

A Mind Map for project ideas:

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