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Enrichment Examples

Page history last edited by Bob Furst 11 years ago

Below are some simple examples of multimedia/enrichment content embedded on a wiki page. Each wiki service will have a somewhat different method to embed external content. This wiki service (PBWiki) has an Insert Plugin  button on the editor tool bar which generally works. In some cases, in may be necessary to edit the wiki page's source to insert the necessary code provided by the Web 2.0 tool site. For folks that have access, you can edit this page and view the Source code. However, please take care not to make any alterations -- please hit the Cancel link when finished.


Simple examples follow:


  • Photo or graphic example
    • It may be preferable to upload Photos and/or graphics to the wiki site's file repository and use the<img src= html tag. Drag and drop works on this PBWiki site.


  • Videos
    • Video from video sharing services like YouTube or Google Video can be embedded. Once you find or produce the video on that site, the video service will supply you with the code java/html code to embed your video on the spot of a page of your choice.
    • Uploading videos to  the wiki site's file repository will work as well.


  • Slide shows can be embedded using various methods.
    • If using Photo sharing services (i.e. Picasa, Flikr), the photo site gives the appropriate code to be copy and pasted into the wiki page's html code.
    • Other type slide show services can be utilized as well. Below is a Google Presentation example.

Below are five(5) eBooks by a colleague in a Wisconsin School District, David Kapuler, that have some proven tools that me be helpful in this course and beyond.

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