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Course Protocols

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Course Protocols and Ground Rules
  • Communicating with each other
    • Being successful in this course is learning to collaborate on-line as a team
    • Strive to use  the tools available on your selected wiki to collaborate. Once the team wiki is created, there should be no need to utilize email or voice communication. The facilitator would discourage face-to-face meetings. There are methods where asynchronous threaded conversations amongst team members can take place. Immerse yourselves in the utilization of these tools.
    • Always be sure to login to the wiki with your login so your contributions can be recorded properly. (BTW, this is how the facilitator can see who is participating)
  • Communicating with the facilitator
    • It is mandatory that the facilitator have full access to each teams wiki. In this way he will check students work on a daily basis. The wiki logs will record who and when for participation. Always be sure to login to the wiki with your login so your contributions can be recorded properly.
    • Ideally, questions to the facilitator will be addressed by end of the day.
      • Questions should be addressed via the wiki's messaging board if available, otherwise email is acceptable.
      • For general questions and suggestions, please use the Question and Answer page so others can benefit.
    • The facilitator will also use the Related course blog to address the group's work and enrich the content.

  • The project and content
    • A week may be insufficient amount of time to produce content depending the project. Ideally, we will be successful if this project continues beyond this course.
    • Embedding[1] the enrichment content may be challenging with the varied browsers, plugins required, and knowing that some of the tools may just not work well. Do not become discouraged, a simple external link[2] may be the only alternative.
    • Paying for the wiki service is optional and not encouraged. Appropriate completion of this course will be accomplished without "premium" subscriptions. 


  1. Technically, embedding is displaying the content (video, graphic) right on the wiki page where the reader never has to leave the wiki page.
  2. Clicking the external link on a wiki page take the reader to a different web site to see the content (i.e. video). When doing this, it would be of great value to open the external link in a new window by using the checkbox option provided.

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